How to cut tail hair

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How to measure your wrist

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How long will my jewellery last?

Horsehair comes in different strengths and condition – some are fine and weak some are course and strong – some the other way round. Depending on this and how you look after your bracelet or necklace, how you wear it and how much it gets abused will affect its lifespan

How do I take care of my Horsehair jewellery?

Just think of it like your own hair, so anything that would not be good for your hair will not be good for your jewellery, such as chemicals, heat or abrasion.

If it becomes very dirty then wash with warm water and a mild shampoo / conditioner but remember to dry it either by wearing it or placing on a towel.


Please do not wear it when you are showering, bathing or swimming as all these will weaken the hair and could breakdown the adhesives used to fit the end caps.

To clean the Sterling Silver items, use a non-chemical cleaning cloth such as “Town Talk Polishing Cloth” available on Ebay or Lakeland

If a hair breaks and pokes out then use a small pair of sharp scissors (or nail clippers) and cut back the loose hair so it is level with the braiding.

What if the bracelet does not fit anymore?

If the piece becomes too small we can increase the length of the Extension Chain or if too big then we can shorten it - send us an email stating what you want us to do and then return the bracelet with a note stating your name and address plus a cheque for £22 for Express (Track and Trace) delivery.  Make cheque payable to A. TWINE

Can the horsehair jewelry be repaired?

If the jewelry is damaged we can sometimes repair it but sometimes we can’t so email us explaining the problem together with the date it was supplied to you and we will see what we can do. Any repairs will be chargeable.
Please note that if there are any signs of tampering to try to work out how we do it then we will not repair it.

Will you return any unused hair?

Please inform us if you require any unused hair to be returned to you with your completed order. Use the "comments" box when processing your order

Where do I send the hair?

A Twine
Castle View

Ballinacarrig Upper


Co. Wicklow




Any other questions? Please email them to us and we will see what we can do. sales@horsehairbracelets.co.uk