About Us

About Us and our Horsehair Bracelets and other Jewellery

Our story started some 10 years ago with our own horses, lost but not forgotten, we could not find quality horsehair bracelets so we made our first bracelets from their tail hair, friends wanted the same, then others  and so Horsehair Bracelets was born.

Everything starts with you and your equine best friend, the experiences together, the trust between you and your horse that is so solid. Whether still with you or gone forever the bond is everlasting, deep and inexpressible, the big jump is  you finding the courage to send us the tail hair that is so precious,

From our studio in the garden we create horsehair jewellery pieces that, due to your horses’ hair being unique and the nature of our designs, are each one of a kind.

Marrying the hair to exquisite metal creates distinctive, beautiful, wearable jewellery of high quality and of stunning design.

The Horsehair bracelets tools of the trade!Taking one hair at a time, choosing  the long, strong hair and making sure that we use all the colours that are in the tail, we make a strand of hair that we braid by hand either in a flat, round or square braid depending on the design chosen by you.

"We treat each piece of Horsehair Jewellery with reverence and consideration. Often when we are working with hair we get a “feeling” from it, often happiness or sometimes sadness but always love."

Using the right metal accessories is fundamental to our designs, contributing to their individuality.  Sterling Silver is strong and hard wearing whilst Stainless Steel is chosen for the more robust of our designs. Both enhance braided horsehair beautifully allowing all pieces can be worn for that special occasion or everyday.

Finally we hand finish each piece and send it to you with our love……then your journey together continues…….